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Nov 17 2020 - Permission post
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
So, you've been confessed...

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SO. Please comment here with your character and if you give permission for them to be confessed. It likely won't come up very often, but just in case.

NOTE: I will obviously ask before I have Kahlan ever confess anyone. Even if you give permission here.
Kahlan - patiently waiting
Atia of the Julii, the Admiral has appointed me as your Warden. I'd like to get together soon and go over your file with you.

[Private to Merlin]

It seems you've been made Cara's Warden. I hope you're prepared, she can be...difficult.
Kahlan - blue eyes 3
[So Kahlan doesn't have technology in her world. It's all magic and a fairly medieval setting, which means she has to learn to use this communication device thing. Luckily, turning the device on is easy enough and an How To Use Your Communication Device menu pops up on the screen ready for her use. Thankfully, the FAQ is a relatively quick and easy read, and it doesn't take too long before she's ready to communicate with the Barge.]

Hello. [She smiles kindly, with maybe a hint of nervousness.] If I've followed the instructions on this device correctly, everyone should be able to see and hear me.

[She takes a moment before continuing.]

My name is Kahlan Amnell.

I suppose the first thing you should know about me is that I've been brought here by the Admiral to be a Warden. From what I understand, I'll have my work cut out for me, especially when I am assigned an Inmate. I'm no stranger to conflict, but are things really that difficult here?

[OOC: Oh god, this is the crappiest post I've ever done, but I needed to write her intro and this is the best I could come up with since I didn't exactly think of one when I wrote her app. :\ Apologies for the suck, I promise I'm really good at playing her.]
Kahlan - ashamed
[The video clicks on and Kahlan can't really even look at the screen. She's just kind of ashamed of what went down and sorry everyone had to see her like that.]

....I'm sorry. I'll make amends.

[She turns the video off.]

Private to the Admiral

I'm requesting a Rada'han for myself. I can't risk hurting more people like that again.

[ooc: Getting ready for work. I'll tag more when I get home.]
Kahlan - Con Dar b/w
[video - don't ask me how, it just is]

[The video feed is somehow turned on and focused on Kahlan who is screaming and reaching for someone.]


[And then this happens (start watching at about 8:24). Basically, she kinda shakes and sounds like she's in pain and then her pupils go black and there is red around her eyelids. She pretty much looks pissed off and a little evil, like she enjoys the thought of inflicting vengeance.]

[/end video]


[Kahlan is furious, but she's a little confused at her surroundings, being back in her room on the Barge. That doesn't hold her interest for long and soon she's out of the room and rampaging around the Barge looking for her mistress and the Mord-Sith who were trying to kill her. Anyone who comes across her better watch out.

Once Kirk has found her, she has already confessed about six people. She may have commanded them to die, or defend her, or just left them alone so that they have to spend a day confessed to her.]

[OOC: So, obviously Kahlan's back from her canon update. It's been a few months on her end, even though it's only been about two days in Barge time. She's been confessed by a sorceress with her own magic and that sorceress has just been shot and poked at by Mord-Sith. Kahlan is going into to full Con Dar blood rage. Those who volunteered to be confessed/killed/commanded to kill (your choice what she does to your character after confession) in my OOC post a couple of days ago, don't have to spam, but it's open if you want to. Most likely wouldn't involve more than Kahlan doing her thing and you doing what she tells you though, so the choice is yours. :\ PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU CHOOSE. Kirk will be the one to stop her. Anyone else is free to react to the video feed, but there won't be an answer.]
Kahlan - smile
[Kahlan's just sitting there with a goofy grin on her face and she's giggling. At what exactly, only she knows.]

I dunno why I'm laughing, but it feels good. Everything feels good. [More giggling.]

[Fail private to Kirk]

Jim! Jim. I have to tell you something. Have I told you--have I told you how much I love you? Because I do. Not like--not like I love Richard, but I do. You mean so much to me. I dunno what I'd do if you weren't here. [She's got her serious "I mean this from the bottom of my heart" face on....and then she grins rather sweetly for a drunk girl.]

[Another fail private to Shinzon]

[She's extremely close to the camera so you get a clear view of her face and she looks a little sad. She's also slurring her words a bit.] Shinzon? Why d'you hate me so much? I--I try to be a good warden, but it's not working. What happened? Everything was going so well and then it wasn't and then there was that flood and then you killed me and you just hate me. [Tears well up in her eyes, but she doesn't cry.]
May 26 2010(no subject)
Kahlan - look back
Private to Shinzon

Shinzon, I've been thinking; how would you like to work in the new laboratory? It might suit you better than working in the Library.

Private to T'Pol

I'd like to request that Shinzon work in the lab, however, he needs to be watched. I don't want another mass murder incident happening like that day in the dining hall.
Kahlan - do you think i'm stupid?
[[OOC: I imagine the new universal communicators look like iPads. This is a lame video post, but I figured she'd do something with her new communicator thing.]]

[So, Kahlan is from a magical medieval type world and the new communicators aren't exactly something she's familiar with. The video screen comes on and Kahlan actually seems a little frustrated with it, not realizing she's broadcasting to the barge. She's actually kind of muttering to herself. Something about all the wizards of Aydindril being needed to figure it out and the Admiral could go to the Keeper for giving her a device like this.

She puts the device aside on her desk rather forcefully and continues picking things up around her room, still clearly visible to the camera. The device falls over when she accidentally bumps into the corner of the desk.]
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
This might sound a little strange...but does anyone else not remember booking a cruise?
Apr 26 2010 - spam for Shinzon
Kahlan - 07
[Well, Kahlan had just about had enough waiting on Shinzon to return her item as per her request. She was also getting fairly agitated with his attitude, which had been increasingly hostile ever since she'd returned from the months she'd spent back home in the Midlands. But that was another matter entirely. Right now, she wanted her item back and if he was going to behave like a child, then she would go and get it herself. Whether he liked it or not.

Which is why she strode determinedly to the second level and burst into Shinzon's room without knocking. Kahlan knew she was being less than respectful of his privacy, but she figured he had it coming. And she was not in the mood to care.]
Kahlan - ashamed
[OOC: Right after this little gem of a situation: that was in sarcasm quotes.

May I come see you? I would rather not be alone right now.
Mar 10 2010 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - all alone
I haven't spoken with you in a while, how are you? Is the job in the library working out? I haven't heard anything from Aziraphale, so I assume everything is all right.
Feb 24 2010(no subject)
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
[Private to Shinzon]

You will no longer be working in the Infirmary. After that incident with Kirk, I think it would be better for you to work in the Library. I know it wasn't your fault the fight started, but I don't want it happening again. This is for your own good, Shinzon, whether you believe me or not.

[Private to McCoy]

Shinzon will not be working in the Infirmary anymore. After what happened, it's probably best he stays away from there for everyone's benefit.

Now, I imagine you probably have questions for me and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

[Private to Aziraphale]

My inmate, Shinzon, will be working in the Library from now on. I hope this will not inconvenience you in any way, but I think it's for the best.
Kahlan - angry tears
[OOC: Okay, so Kahlan does not have barge amnesia, but she will be momentarily confused and probably more than a little frustrated, because to her she's been gone from the Barge for a few months rather than just a couple of days.]

[She's kinda been magically thrown to the ground in her room from the force of being made whole again at the same time as being brought back to the ship. She's only just realized she's not in the Midlands anymore.]

Why am I not in Aydindril? What about Zedd and my people? Why did the Admiral bring me back now after all this time? There have been many chances to bring me back...I can't leave Richard, not when we're so close to finding the Stone of Tears. The Keeper can't win, if he does the Midlands will fall. I have to be there for Richard. The Admiral had no right to take me when I'm needed the most.

[After a moment of calming herself down and more rational thinking.]

It appears my duty to the Admiral is not yet done. Shinzon, have you been placed with a new Warden, or do I still hold that responsibility?
Kahlan - so pissed
[She runs to the scene and sees the number 10 and all the blood, plus Shinzon's headless body.]

By the spirits! Security, I need help! My inmate, Shinzon...he's dead. We're in the Level 3 corridor. His head has been severed from his body.

[She mutters a sort of prayer and then she just sounds kinda pissed.]

Who did this?

[Private to the Admiral]

I want Shinzon returned to life now, please.
Jan 29 2010 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - all alone
Your file says that today is your birthday. Now, I know you really don't want to speak with me at the moment, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I've left you a gift outside your door, it's just a little something I thought you might like.

[OOC: So, I'm saying that Kahlan had a teddy bear when she was a little girl (don't ask, I just thought it seemed like something she would play with) and because she knows that her Inmate didn't have the best of childhoods growing up, she decided to give him her old teddy bear. It looks like this: teddy bear.]
Jan 26 2010 - Private to Inara
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I know we've barely spoken, but you offered a friendly ear if I needed it. May I speak with you?
Jan 15 2010(no subject)
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
By the spirits, what have I done? Please tell me this didn't happen...I--I don't know what to say. I abused my power and let it consume me. I apologize if I hurt anyone.

Jim? Did we really...Tell me we didn't...

And Dr. McCoy..I'm so sorry for what I did to the Infirmary. I swear I'll help with anything that needs to be repaired once I'm fully healed, you have my word.

Private to Shinzon


[OOC: So she's in the Infirmary recovering from her ass-kicking and she's also extremely ashamed of herself and everything she did during the flood. She's gonna be pretty messed up for a while I bet. She's also most likely crying silently and angsting hard about it all.]
Jan 13 2010 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
Will you join me in my cabin, please? I want to see you.

[OOC: Feel like spamming Kahlan tending to Shinzon's wounds and being nice, and generally confusing him even more? :P]
Jan 12 2010 - Private to Sexby
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I caught my inmate hiding Judas in his room. Judas is now on the run.

[OOC: Takes place after this log, which is not finished yet, but Judas's part in it is.]
Jan 01 2010 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
Will you join me in my cabin, please?

[ooc: spam work for you?]
Dec 20 2009 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I don't know if you're on speaking terms with me again, but there's a port coming up and I intend to go. Now I can't very well leave you behind, so you can either come with me or you may go with another warden if they don't object. It's your choice, of course.
Dec 17 2009 - Private to Richard
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I need to speak with you, may I come see you?

[OOC: She's feeling a little low after Shinzon's reaction toward her in this log. He's extremely angry she confessed him. :\ Oh and want to spam this?]
Dec 11 2009 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
Would you care to accompany me to the CES? I fear our conversation the other day may have taken the wrong turn and I would like to make it right again. Perhaps, if the CES allows, I might be able to show you a little part of my home world.
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
Angelica and I are now in charge of Level 0 and guarding it while there are Inmates in the cells. Angel has asked us to recruit people we trust to help us and I thought of you two. Angelica and I need to get a list together, so I'll need your answers soon.
Dec 06 2009(no subject)
Kahlan - smile
[Private to Shinzon]

I'm letting you out of Level 0 so you may join us in the snowball fight tonight. I think it'll be good for you to get out and have a little fun.

[Private to Richard]

Kirk's arranged a snowball fight tonight. Care to join me?
Dec 01 2009 - Private to Angelica
Kahlan - smile
It seems you and I are now in charge of Level 0.
Nov 17 2009 - Private to Shinzon
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
As you are probably aware by now, I have been assigned as your Warden. I am in the process of going over your file and, if it suits, perhaps we could meet in person sometime soon.
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I never thought I would be back on this ship. In the months I was away so much has happened and now Richard is in some future where I'm not around to protect him. Darken Rahl is so close to winning and I can't bear the thought of the Midlands not having it's Seeker. My being here is the only way I can ensure that the Midlands will be protected. But, if it's the price I have to pay, I'll do so willingly.

I suppose I should introduce myself to those who don't know me. My name is Kahlan Amnell and I am the Mother Confessor in my homeland. I realize most of you neither know, nor care what that means, but it is a highly honored and respected position. My door is always open should you ever wish to speak with me.

[To her friends (aka whoever considers themselves her friend, b/c I can't remember)]

How are you? I trust nothing too horrible has happened since I left.

[To whoever is in charge of Security right now]

If you need my help on the Security team, or as a consultant, please don't hesitate to ask.
Sep 08 2009 - Private to Cpt. Kirk
Kahlan - smile
I realized I've been keeping to myself too much lately and, honestly, I've missed your company. Would you like to meet up soon?
Sep 05 2009 - Private to Angel
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
In light of this last flood and all the things that happened during and after, I would like to offer my services as a Confessor to the Security team.
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I would like to request that Sylar be given a little more of his healing ability back. I'll let you decide how much, if any at all.
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
Are you absolutely certain Richard is alive? I know you said he was, but I just..I need to know for sure.

[OOC: I should've posted this before now, but this whole week I've been trying to find a job and I really had no idea what to do with Kahlan, to be honest.

And should Kahlan ask where Richard is (which is very likely to happen), he was sent 50 years into Kahlan's future. Which, by that point, Kahlan is dead and evil has taken over.]
Aug 15 2009 - 023 - poor Kahlan
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
[OOC: As I mentioned, Kahlan is back from her canon-update and is now going to emo this shit up, since she thinks her darling Seeker is dead (but he isn't). And she was captured by Darken Rahl and given the choice of being his queen or being killed. So yeah, she's totally not in a happy mood.

ETA: I hate emo!Kahlan. Thank god I won't be playing her this way for long.]

I don't believe it. He's dead. Richard is dead. I don't understand how this happened. One moment we were succeeding in our mission and the next..he was just gone. The Mord-Sith killed him, just like they killed Zedd. Rahl said no one could survive such an explosion of magic. I don't want to believe him, but how can I not? There was nothing left of Richard anywhere.

And here I am.

I took the easy way out and came back here. Darken Rahl had me in his grasp and I ran. There was no way I could stay there in that dungeon. It was either become his plaything and bear him a Confessor child to mold to his will or rot in the dungeon forever. What else could I do? I couldn't fight anymore. There was nothing left to fight for anyway. Darken Rahl turned the prophecy on it's head and won.

My mission is done. I've failed. The Seeker is no more and I...I'm not worthy of my Confessor's robes.
Aug 10 2009 - 022
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I don't remember much of this port other than faint memories that disappear when I think on them for more than a few seconds. I don't think my experiences were as terrible as some of the others here, which is fortunate for me.

But there is one thing. Did I..try to buy someone?
Jul 26 2009 - Private to Sylar
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
Now that the flood is over, I think it's time for us to get together. I'm sure there are things you would still like to know about me and there are certainly things I am curious about.
Jul 16 2009 - Private to Sylar
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
I think we should get together and talk. We haven't spoken face to face since the riot and I would like the chance to try and get to know you a little better.
Jul 02 2009 - 019
Kahlan - can't hear you over my own awes
[Private to Sylar]

Well, Sylar, I've been assigned as your Warden once again. Perhaps this time it will be for longer and we'll make better progress. I also want to apologize for my behavior before the riot. I understand you were trying to protect me and I do appreciate it. However, I hope you know why I had to be there.

[Private to Kirk]

How have you been? I haven't seen you since before the riot, you weren't hurt were you?

[/end private for both]

[ooc: Assume she wrote this before the Warden meeting.]
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